Digital Impressions


equipment for digital impressionsSay good-bye to the days of gagging on trays of gooey impression material while your dentist takes a dental impression. Round Rock Dental Group has installed the innovative new PlanScan Intraoral Scanner that quickly and comfortably takes three-dimensional, full-color digital impressions of teeth, gums, oral structures, existing dentures, and implants in record time. This small handheld device is placed in a patient’s mouth to retrieve computer-accurate images (radiation-free photos) that can be viewed immediately—by both patient and doctor—on a screen in our office.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, we are able to easily create dental impressions that can be used to design and produce effective surgical guides and restorations, track gingival changes, and create mockups.

Benefits of Digital Impressions

Patients and doctors prefer the immediate, hassle-free perks of  digital scanning as compared to the traditional way of retrieving dental impressions. Check out the following advantages of using a PlanScan Intraoral Scanner.

  • Convenience—leaves no mess/all digital
  • Speed—requires less patient chair time
  • Comfort—includes no rubbery impression material in the mouth
  • Education—allows patients to view 3D images of the mouth
  • Efficiency—digitally communicates with labs, avoiding remakes
  • Research—follows changes in gingiva over the years
  • Security—produces digital mock-ups of the proposed treatment
  • Accuracy—provides perfect color match and surgical guides for implant surgery